Harness the power of collective buying

Imagine if DJ companies could pool their resources in order to get the benefits that buying in bulk from suppliers can provide them. This is collective buying power.

Industry leading insurance

The Canadian DJ Collective has access to an industry leading insurance program designed specifically for DJs.

$2 Million in Liability Coverage, $5000 Minimum Replacement Cost Equipment Coverage, Loss of Business Coverage and more. Starting from $187.50 per year.

Build your Clientele

A custom built search engine for DJ services, designed to attract your ideal clients.

In the coming months as our membership expands we will focus on building a set of tools DJs can use to showcase their businesses.

Free @IamaDJ.ca email

All members of the Canadian DJ Collective will get their own @iamadj.ca email address.

Leave no question about who you are or what you do with an email address that proudly proclaims that you are a Canadian DJ!

Get a free Canadian DJ Collective t-shirt!

Get a free Canadian DJ Collective t-shirt!

All companies who join the Canadian DJ Collective will receive a free t-shirt featuring the Canadian DJ Collective logo and our distinctive maple leaf insignia. You’ll be able to show pride in belonging to a collective that was created by modern mobile DJs for modern mobile DJs!


You probably have some questions. We have some answers.

If your questions aren’t answered here, please reach out to us. We’re here to help Canadian DJs prosper!

Is the Canadian DJ Collective a DJ association?

Strictly speaking, no. While the Canadian DJ Collective offers many of the same benefits that you would expect from an association, our primary goal is to provide group purchasing opportunities.

What Are The Requirements to join the Canadian DJ COllective?

All members of the Canadian DJ Collective must have a registered business as well as business insurance. If your company does not have business insurance it can be purchased through the Canadian DJ Collective’s group policy!

Do you offer CONNECT Music Licences?

At this time we do not offer CONNECT Music Licences. As our membership grows we have plans to approach CONNECT Music Licensing, but we must meet minimum numbers before that is possible.

Why Should I Join?

You should join the Canadian DJ Collective if you have a desire to save money on things you’re already buying for your business. Our main focus is on finding deals for our members that they wouldn’t be able to get on their own. Added benefits like our member search engine (coming soon), and members only Facebook group just sweeten the deal!

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